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pole dance/sensual

11-12 December 2022

Hilversum, the Netherlands

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Treat yourself or a friend to somehing special.

Book a personal studio photo session tailored to your vision and needs.

A team of 2 photographers and a pole dance instructor will work with you to create the best shots of your pole tricks in beautiful studio space.

Not into pole dance? Let's do a sensual portrait session instead!


Individual or duo session in pole dance/sensual style

You will have the ability to make your own set - pole dance/ sensual/ pole dance + sensual in an agreed amount of photos. You decide the type of photos, and we will capture what is the most important for you. We want to individually meet your expectations.
We work as a team which lets us work efficiently and achieve the best possible effect.
You will get 10 professional photos prepared to publish them in social media and specifically prepared files for printing (20 files in total).
We provide a multifunctional space, where we can create every kind of session without the need to go anywhere. The studio gives us an opportunity to work in daylight, as well with professional lighting, backgrounds and obviously - a pole.
During the shoot we will have an experienced pole dance instructor, who will help you to present yourself and she will take care of your comfort during work.

Meet the photographers

Get to know Justyna and Kamil! They are both Polish photographers with many years of experience in that field.

This year, Justyna has finished her studies in National Film School in Łódź, and currently is intensively working to finish her diploma. She has also graduated from Wrocław Photography School.

She started over a decade ago by sending her works to various contests. In her long experience she tried her hand in documentary, sports, fashion and portrait photography. She has made countless acting and theatrical photoshoots. In her portfolio she also has completed a fashion catalogue, worked with fashion designers and a model agency in Poland.
Justyna’s main field of work is product and art photography. Her works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions in Poland as well as abroad. She also cooperated in production of multiple advertisement campaigns for companies like Lays and Avon.

In her photography, she’s most interested in different aspects of presenting the female body, and she feels confident in photographing nudity. She has participated in many nude photographic events in Poland and abroad, which let her learn how to individually focus on every person she works with. Her experience in being behind and in front of the camera gave her an understanding of challenges of being a model. Thanks to that she is empathetic and pays attention to the needs of her models.

She explores photography by making autoportraits with various graphic manipulations.  She loves to experiment, and that lets her create unique shots and her own individual style. She has a broad knowledge of post production and graphic manipulation.


Kamil is a photographer with more than 10 years of experience. He explored most photographic areas, from documentary to product and art photography all the way to individual sessions. In addition, he expands his skill set by making videos, which lets him think in unconventional ways throughout his work process.

He graduated from Wrocław Photography School, but as he says he learned the most through practice. He took part in numerous nude photography events in Poland and abroad, and that taught him how to build a relationship with a model and bring their vision to life within a photo. He is always professional about his work, while maintaining a positive vibe and good humour, which creates a friendly atmosphere during his photoshoots.


His strongest side is fashion photography. He cooperated with fashion designers and worked in one of the biggest polish e-commerce companies creating photoshoots for brands like Born2Be and Renee. He organised and participated in exhibitions as well as published his works in magazines, both in Poland and abroad.


Kamil also has an extensive knowledge in image post production, which lets him create his work from start to finish as he intends, with a great care for details. Thanks to that he makes very personalised photos which stay with you for a long time.

Package options:


• 10 edited professional pictures

• files for high resolution printing (20 files total)

• shoot duration ~1h


Ability to make additional photos (20 euro/1 photo).
The offer doesn’t include make-up and stylisation.


• 10 edited professional pictures

• files for high resolution printing (20 files total)

• shoot duration ~1,15h


Ability to make additional solo/duo photos (20 euro/1 photo).
The offer doesn’t include make-up and stylisation.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 14-05-53 Kamil Soczewka (_kamilsoczewka) • Zdjęcia i filmy na Ins

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In the message let us know which day you choose and if you want daylight or studio/neon lighting.

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