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First Steps

Did you complete the Intro to Pole course or have little prior pole experience? This is the class for you!

You don't have to be strong or flexible in order to join, as the teacher will lead you step by step through a warm up, conditioning exercises, fundamental pole spins and tricks like sitting and climbing, adjusting the difficulty to your abilities.

So come and fly with us!

Pack with you: shorts, socks, t-shirt, water and towel.



Going Upside Down!

When sitting, climbing and spins become easy, you are ready for this level.

In Beginner 2 class you will work towards developing strength and flexibility needed for going upside down - aka 'inverting'. Additionally, you will learn new spins, many fun and elegant variations of already known tricks from Beginner 1 level, and improve stamina by putting them in slightly longer combos.


Pack with you: shorts, socks, sport bra, water and towel.



Aerial Acrobatics

If you can successfully invert on both sides, you've learned tricks like outside/inside leg hang, genie, jasmin, butterfly and layback, and combos with 3-4 tricks are doable, time to spread your wings and join this next level in your pole journey!

In Intermediate class you will discover many new tricks that require a little bit more coordination and flexibility, and you will steadily work towards goal moves like handsprings/ayesha/pegasus/iguana and more :)


Pack with you: shorts, socks, sport bra, water and towel.



Strong is Sexy!

When pole dance meets calistenics, magic happens!


It is an all-level technical class that focuses on strength and dynamic elements and lets you build a proper foundation for advanced tricks such as human flag, deadlifts, flips or fonji. Warm up includes mobility and prehab exercises, and main class contains many exercise drills, training with elastic bands, all with progressions/regressions adjusted to your level.

You do not have to be advanced in order to join!
Beginners are very welcome - this is THE class designed to get stronger :)


Pack with you: t-shirt, shorts/leggings, socks, water, towel
optional: wrist sweatbands


Catch Up!

Missed the class on your level? No worries!
You can join this open level class and still work on your tricks and spins.

In this class the teacher will adjust lesson material to the students, so it is a perfect opportunity to catch up on a missed class or to come for extra practice outside of your regular group.

Pack with you: shorts, socks, t-shirt/sport bra, water and towel



Art of Shapeshifting

Discover the magic of spinning pole!


This all-level class is a great way to ease into this beautiful style of pole dancing, or to practice and hone your skills even further. Spinning pole class let’s you work on your elegance and coordination while connecting tricks, and it’s simply super fun!

Also, this class is heels-friendly ;)

The teacher will adjust class material according to your level.

Pack with you: shorts, sport bra, water, towel
optional: heels

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