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Heel dance class

Interested in taking a heel dance class? Then look no further and sign up for a course at Iron Forest. We offer various courses, from pole dancing to twerking. You can also learn how to dance elegantly in high heels. Feel free to sign up and discover how beautiful, powerful, and confident you can be. It's good to know that you can join even without any experience.

High heel dance lessons

We offer various courses. Each course is different, but elegance is an element that almost always comes into play. This elegance will be expressed through strength, confidence, and the right skills. In addition to the different pole dance classes, you can also opt for a heel dance class. This course teaches you to dance confidently in high heels. The advantage is that you don't need experience to participate. We will start with the basics. Then, step by step, we teach you all the necessary skills. Before you know it, you'll be dancing like a pro in your favorite high heels.


My favorite pole studio of all time! Great teachers with lots of experience, patience and excitement. It's always a treat to go to a class. There's lots of variety in classes as well which is perfect if you want to try multiple pole dance styles.

Celine W.

What is heels dance class?

Our heel dance class is a course where you learn how to dance in high heels. This gives you the opportunity to develop your confidence and discover your strength. Many women feel apprehensive about walking in high heels, but that's a shame. To ensure that you can effortlessly put on your heels and start dancing, we teach you everything you need to know. It's crucial to us that you feel safe during our classes. That's why we create a positive environment where we support each other and embrace each other's beauty. This way, you have the space to master the art of dancing.

Following a heels dance class

When it comes to party styling, a pair of high heels can be a great accessory. However, we can imagine that if you don't feel comfortable in heels, you might prefer leaving them in the closet. During a heel dance class, we ensure that you can confidently slip into your high heels. This course consists of seven sessions. The easiest option is to opt for a membership, allowing you to participate in our classes for a fixed monthly fee. If, for example, you want to develop other skills after this course, you have the option to enroll in a twerk class in Amsterdam. This class is also a great way to discover your strength and beauty.

Heels Dance Class

Heels dance class in Amsterdam

You are welcome to join our heel dance class. Or do you prefer to learn how to pole dance in Amsterdam? There are plenty of options. Thanks to our wide range of courses, we always have a course that suits your preferences. Moreover, we ensure that the lessons align with your level. Those with a lot of experience, for example, can work on specific skills and learn more variations. For those with little experience wanting to learn pole dancing, we have a special beginner's course. Additionally, we offer fun workshops. These are enjoyable with a group of friends, but this is also a great way to get to know your colleagues.

Sign up for our heel dance class

Want to learn to dance elegantly and confidently in high heels? Enroll in our heel dance class today. If you have any questions about our courses, feel free to let us know. You can become a member at Iron Forest for a reasonable monthly fee and attend classes every week. Feel free to book a trial class if you are curious if this is something for you.

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