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Frequently asked questions

Dear Iron Forest member! From 1st of March we are leaving Eversports and moving to a new booking system called Bsports. Together with it comes a few more changes, new featured and an adjuster class schedule.

Below we compiled a list of common questions you might have, to make the transition easy and smooth for everyone! Nevertheless, if you still have some other questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via Whatsapp/call or Instagram.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!


Iron Forest Studio

  • What will happen with my active class cards in Eversports system?
    All of the class cards and single entry cards purchased in Eversports, and valid longer than February 28th 2023 are retained and transferred to your account in Bsports. In case your amount of credits in Eversports doesn't match the one in Bsports, please send us a message and we will correct it immediately.
  • Where should I book my next class?
    Last week of February 2023 is a transition phase from one booking system to the other. While you will still be able to log in into Eversports account till March 1st, you can book classes there only till Saturday 25th February. For all the classes/courses after that date, you can use your new Bsports account. Whenever you have questions regarding the amount of credits on your account, please send us a message!
  • How can I book a choreo course and what are the costs?
    Courses are bookable both with class cards (4, 8, 15 class card) as well as all memberships (5x, 10x, 21x a month). The difference between a course and group lesson is that you book once for all of the dates, and 4 credits will be taken off your card/membership. Example 1: You purchase a class card 8 and book a course. 4 credits are taken from your card, and you have 4 credits left that you can use for any other classes. Example 2: You subscribed to a Silver membership subscription, meaning you receive 5 credits per month to use at the studio. After booking a chosen course, you have 1 credit left that month that you can use for any other class, for example stretching or Beginner 2. Example 3: You opted for Platinum membership subscription and signed for 2 courses in given month. Each course deducts 4 credits from your account, so you are left with 13 credits that month you can use for all other group classes.
  • What are Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships?
    This new option is a subscription based service, where you receive 5 (Silver)/ 10 (Gold)/ 21 (Platinum) credits per month on your account that you can use to sign up to every group class and choreo course. Every membership lasts minimum 3 months and after the initial contract period, it will automatically be extended. If you would like to upgrade your membership or end your membership on the expiration date, please send us an e-mail to ultimately two weeks before this date of your contract.
  • I signed up for a class but can't come, what should I do?
    We get it, life gets in the way sometimes! If you can't make it to class, you can cancel it free-of-charge for up to 8 hours before the start of the session. In that case your class credit will be returned to your account. However, if you cancel past that time, the credit will not be returned. Still, we kindly ask you to cancel your attendance in the system if you know you cannot make it on time - it notifies the teacher that they don't have to wait for you to start the class, and it allows people from the waitlist to join in your place!
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