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Sensual Floorwork

NEXT COURSE START:  24 May - 14 June

Want to try something different?
Curious about dance off the pole and want to learn your first choreo?

This beginner-friendly floorwork choreography class focuses on sensuality, smooth body flow and art of temptation with dance.

A perfect addition to exotic pole classes, but you don't need pole dance experience in order to join! You will improve your musicality, learn floor acrobatic tricks and work on your footwork. It's a perfect activity if you want to connect to your inner sexy self ;)


Warning: this class is VERY spicy 🌶️


Take with you: leggings - heels - knee pads - water - towel No heels or knee pads? No problem! You can rent them at our studio for only 2€! First time rental is for FREE

*If you book with a class card/subscription, 4 credits will be taken off your card and you will be signed for the whole 4 class course*

WEDNESDAYS 20:45-21:45


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