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May is gonna be exciting!

Today I'm coming in hot with latest studio news - there is a couple of things planned which you might really like!

But first, a small reminder:

Arriving on time for classes

When getting ready for a class at Iron Forest, please make sure that you arrive LATEST 5 minutes till class start time. That will ensure you have enough time to change your clothes, refill water bottle, and prepare for warm up without rushing. Thanks to that the classes will then also start on time.

Lately we have more and more cases of students arriving at the door exactly at class start time, or even up to 5 minutes late, which ends up delaying the class significantly.

Our teachers are trying to be understanding and accomodate all the students, but if such cases continue to occur regularly, we will have to enforce a strict Closed Door policy after the class start time. So to have a great class experience, make sure you arrive in a timely manner ;)

And now, tune in for the news!

NEW Intro to Pole course + trial classes

We are opening sign ups for a new 8 week intro course that will start on May 7th at 20:45.

Joining a full course is the best way to learn the basics of this sport, as you will follow a curated teaching program that shows you new techniques and tricks step by step, and you do not need to have any previous pole or sport experience. Link to the bookings: You can also try a taster class first before commiting to the full course. Each trial class now costs only 10EUR!

Pole Trial Classes:

Tuesday 16.04.2024 at 20:45 Tuesday 23.04.2024 at 20:45 sign up here:

Clothing swap/sell event

Spring is a time of the year when almost all of us go through our wardrobes cleaning and decluttering it. That is why together with Katarina I decided to host a swap & sell event where you can bring all the clothes and accessories you are ready to part with, and we provide space at the studio, music and drinks with snacks! The event is not limited to only pole/dance/training wear - you can bring other clothes as well :) Save the date: Saturday 11 May from 13:00 - 16:00 To join, whatsapp Katarina: 06 25 19 14 51

Burlesque pop-up class

On Monday 22 April you will be able to try a new dance class taught by our wonderful showgirl Marie She will give a pop up burlesque class for all levels at 20:45. You can read more about the class and already sign up here:

Studio stickers

Our new studio stickers are here and I am so happy how they turned out! <3

You can find them in the studio changing rooms and pick from 2 designs. Please feel free to grab one next time you are visiting Iron Forest Studio!

Stay Spicy,


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