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Terms & Conditions UPDATE

Dear Iron Forest Studio students,

I would like to update you about our latest small change in Terms and Conditions regarding memberships.

Originally, I was going to pause all memberships during the summer term (July/August), ensuring a seamless transition back into classes come September. However, due to technical constraints with our booking system I've decided to simplify the process.

Thus all memberships will be terminated on the last day of June and will not be active until resumed on your demand. Specific dates for the summer break will be communicated on our website, Instagram account and via email.

But, if you choose to resume your membership from September and join at the start of the autumn term, your unused credits before the summer break will be transitioned and available for use. If you choose to not resume in September, then standard membership termination rules apply.

You can read updated Terms & Conditions here:

What will happen during the summer term?

Don't worry, we are not closing for 2 months! You will still be able to join classes and come for self practice.

What changes is the schedule - due to lots of students travelling, we will have a temporary schedule with a reduced number of group classes. But you can definitely expect a lot of fun pop-up workshops, themed classes and mini summer courses!

As always, if you have any questions, please call or whatsapp me on +31 6 820 46 727 Stay Spicy,


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