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Meet our new teachers

Hello Iron Forest Tribe! Are you ready for July and all the awesome classes that this month brings? <3

Firstly, I'd like to briefly remind membership students once more to make sure you use up all the classes you might've accumulated before end of June!

Now, I am happy to introduce to you our new teacher crew members that will join us in July. Welcome aboard Tanja, Dani and Jordan:


Dani is a pole dancer and instructor specializing in the art of sensual flow. Her approach to pole dancing focuses on tapping into the senses, encouraging dancers to take their time and feel each movement. Dani's practice emphasizes body awareness, playfulness, and exploration, helping her students discover their unique flow and authentic expression. Through her guidance, dancers can discover and embrace their sensuality in a supportive and inspiring environment.

She will be teaching exotic Intro and Old School Choreo classes on Wednesdays.


You might be already familiar with our lovely Tanja - you can always find her in the studio during self practice hours and in Thursday intermediate+ class :)

She fell in love with pole dance more than 10 years ago. In 2018 Tanja took her first course for pole teachers, presented and taught by Kristina Dumanskaya and Vladimir Karachunov aka poletricker. Since then she has been hooked on learning about how human body works on the pole and by itself. That got her to taking the advanced pole course and stretching course from Dumanskaya‘s school. Tanja keeps learning new things to broaden her horizon as a teacher and as a performer too.

Catch Tanja's classes every Saturday - 10:00 Open Level pole class and 11:15 Polistenics class :)


Jordan is a true artist inside &out! The way he is moving is very captivating and unique. He has a broad scope of work, including creating and choreographing performances as well as being part of projects as a dancer and an art model. His most recent production he participated in was a Striptopia shownight in Eindhoven, where crowds were going crazy for him!

Jordan continuously broadens his horizons by looking at what triggers him in the arts and giving it his own twist and applying it in his own work.

He will be teaching our Summer Stretching Courses in July and August - catch his class every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00!


Upcoming workshop: Pole'lesque with Scylla

Exotic pole and burlesque meet in one fiery and seductive choreography!

Join our beginner friendly workshop focused on bringing your inner sexy out ;) Workshop costs 39 euro and takes place on Saturday 22 June from 15:00 till 17:00.


July contact: Katarina

In month of July me (Anna) will take some long awaited time off. I will travel to Poland to learn from big pole and exotic icons such as Ilja Med, Aleksandra Karolina and Polina Larovski! I am also excited to see my family and reset.

In order to have the studio run smoothly, our lovely Katarina will take over some of the duties, including being your go-to contact person. You will be able to reach her under the number: +31 6 25191451

Let's hope next weeks will grace us with a more summery weather, and see you in class!

Stay Spicy,


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