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Intro to Pole Dance



Start the pole dance journey with DANCE!


If you are dreaming of discovering this beautiful side of pole dance, learn how to control your body movement, improve fluidity and tap into sensual side of you, but you don't have a dance background, then this course is the answer!


You don't need to have any pole dance experience either.

We will take everything from the start!


Among other things, you will learn:

  • basic spins

  • pirouettes

  • sitting on the pole

  • climbing

  • first pole tricks


As well as:

  • floorwork basics

  • leg and body waves

  • fundamental elements of working with high heels, using the platform and shoe edges ​


You don't need to be strong or flexible in order to join!

Classes and exercises are planned in a way that will strengthen you over time and safely prepare for Beginner 1 or choreography classes.


Additionally, our instructors will always offer you exercise progressions adjusted to your abilities :)

​Take with you: shorts - tshirt - water - towel - heels - kneepads

(no heels or knee pads? You can rent them at the studio for only 2€ per class)



*If you book with a class card/subscription, 6 credits will be taken off your card and you will be signed for the whole 6 class course*

Classes will start when we have enough sign ups - book your spot now!

FRIDAYS 19:30 - 20:30

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